Hey friends! We’re Ali and Wes. We got married last year, renovated a little house (big fixer-upper) in the heart of Jax Beach that we call The Jungle, and have successfully kept two out of six plants alive together. So doing well so far.


We love Jesus, riding bikes to the beach, hosting friends in our home, and eating ice cream sandwiches while watching New Girl. The fun of our creative partnership is centered on Wes’ love for clean lines and white space and my love for texture and unexpected pattern placement. We fiercely love our city and can’t wait to see how the many talented creatives of NE Florida continue to make Jax rad.

I love love. I love people. I love people in love. And I love helping people in love make something beautiful they love. (I was the 7 year old girl planning weddings with my knock-off American Girl dolls and stuffed animals in crazy outfits.) Weddings are art. Every detail matters. So here I am helping bring to life your dream of the perfect day. 


I am a Christ-follower which allows me to love people fiercely. I am 100% extroverted so yes give me all the people all the time. I have an unhealthy love for the beach. Like sometimes on our way somewhere, I make Wes drive up to the beach access just so I can lay eyes on the ocean for a few moments. I am sucker for a good historical fiction novel, cool hats, and all things high-waisted (can I get an Amen?). I’m striving to be a minimalist, but my closet has not totally gotten on board yet...

Ali here again because Wes feels weird writing about himself...and now you know Wes. He is a graphic designer by trade, but currently serves as the Creative Director for Void and Edible magazines. His hobbies include...wait you may want to get a drink, go to the restroom, or take your dog out, before the hour it will take to read through his list of hobbies...


His hobbies include beach volleyball, surfing, skating, rock climbing, building projects, photography, videography, golf, spike ball, and ultimate frisbee, just to name a few… His eye for modern, clean design brings so many of our projects to life. The most common heard phrase in our house is “Wes do you think you could make ______”.